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Our design consultants will help you to transform your ideas into sketch, prototype, feedback & revision while our experienced developers will build the core of your app with vision for your challenge in highly dynamic business environment.

What differentiates us to help building your dream.

Appsthings do not only code for youWe work with you.


We help customers to develop and realize their idea into a user-oriented, market-ready product. Our services including analysis in platform option evaluation, transparent budgetings, technology structuring, MVP process, iterations, maintenance and etc. Whether it is an App, Web or software for external or internal, those process begin right after our first meeting.


Our Project Manager prepare weekly builds and reports to our clients to shorten the communication turnover for having your app tried as early as at the initial development stage, so can we can have your feedback and make essential adjustment in time to save your costs as well as delivering it on time align with your project timeline as planned. We believe in efficiency just as you do.


"How much does the development cost?" This is not an uncommon question from many of the startups/SME founders which can be the first challenge. Appsthings is founded with group of energetic coding expert with business-minded and we just been through there, affordability is also our concern for you, tell us more about your idea and team.

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Our Service Scopes

Building an app/web isn't only building a boat, we also provide the map & the sailors, so you can mainly focus on sailing.

We have numbers of outstanding iOS, Android developers for app or cross-platform development.

We are also richly-experienced in web, ecommerce,online secure payment gateway, product showcase & public image content design  for your unique needs.

We make sure that users are able to effortlessly navigate and find exactly what they want while using your app as well as its functionality, so users will love it at first sight. Our app designs fit perfectly with the needs of the target audience, and compel them to download your app for its innovative, stylish and pixel perfect app design.

SEO strategy will always be minded during the development to get your app noticed by even more people.

After completion, we won’t leave you to your fate. We offer a wide range of services to keep your app up and running that begins with App Store-Loading.

One more Thing

Digital Marketing service for your App/Brand could also be embedded for you, since making a brilliant app would be the first things you need, then, letting people know it would be the key for your project to success. Talk to Us to begin your successful journey.

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查詢科技卷(TVP)及遙距營商計劃(D-Biz)相關意見 Consultation of TVP/D-BizWeb / iOS / Android Development ServicesDevelop a prototype or design mockup for my product idea.Develop a MVP for my web / mobile product idea.Consultation and analyse for my web / app’s conversions / retentions.User Experiece DesignOther Services
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